About Us

“Prokomenes” restaurant was created by our need to preserve Greek traditional food. Therefore, we searched inside the cupboards of our aunties and grannies in order to dig out Greek cuisine’s treasures. Every recipe we found hid nostalgic moments and need for nutrition.

The History

“Prokomenes” used these recipes by utilizing modern cooking techniques in order to maintain their high nutritional value. Responsible for this, is Thanos Vlachopoulos, who after 20 years of experience in Greek gourmet cuisines, decided to return to his gastronomic roots and dedicate himself and his restaurant to Greek traditional cuisine. “Prokomenes” daily cook with ingredients provided by the best Greek producers. The menu is always determined by product seasonality and with the help of our nutritionist, we offer food to nurish

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday
Online Orders

Custom Menu

Prokomenes undertake private events in your home and customize the menu to suit your needs and preferences.

Kids Party

Prokomenes take care of your children's party with dishes that contain taste surprises and nourishment.


7 Alsous, Glyfada 166 75, Greece, Tel. +30 210 8985996
38 Iroon Politechniou, Chalandri 152 31, Greece, Tel. +30 210 6721864
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